Apples and Oranges: A Political View
Stars and Stripes: A Political View
The first image is a photo of the full Triptic (a triptic being a set of three paintings which consistently flow together). The rest of the images are details of the paintings. The set was inspired by a show at the Art Gotham Gallery in New York City, where they were presented, and sold. The theme of the exhibition was "Election" noting the significance of this past presidential election.

I chose not to use the imagery of the actual candidates, but rather apples and oranges, which are metaphors for political difference, and opposing views. Which one represents apples, and which one oranges? That it for the viewer to decide and interpret on their own.

I had the idea of the orange exploding, stars bursting from it’s center, while the apples are pealed away, to create the image of stars and stripes. As we all know, stars and stripes are a very important symbol in American culture, and it took me a while to figure out what I wanted to say, and how I was going to say it, without spelling it out.

As some people know I work primarily from reference, and because I was unable to photograph my own exploding orange, Professor Davidhazy kindly agreed to allow me to interpret his photographs using my own style.

This great scientific and high-speed photographer, Andrew Davidhazy was an inspiration for this painting. Davidhazy is a professor at the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester New York. I encourage my viewers to take a step further, click on the links below, and investigate and admire the importance and magnitude of his work. Thank you Andrew.

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