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Drawing II: My Little Pony
After an entire semester of only being allowed to draw in black and white, and only focusing on ellipses, perspective, and rendering, we were given full liberty to think outside the box with one object of our choosing.

The second semester included an ongoing drawing thesis, to be done outside of class, using one object. This series of “My Little Pony” inspired drawings was to help one obtain an extensive body of work at the end of the semester, with the main element being (no matter the change in size, style, or medium) the object we chose at random to bring to class. We did not know our assignment until after bringing our object to class.

Thankfully I didn’t have to regret my choice. This object brought out many interesting pieces, some silly, some sensitive, some experimental. All were of our own thinking and doing. This was a good assignment because it showed ones ability to work independently, and show a good breath of work using only one object.

The reason I chose this object: before I moved away from the only home I had ever known, I had a smattering of old toys, especially My Little Ponies. This being my favorite toy of all time. When I left, I wanted to leave as much of the little girl I used to be behind in Georgia. However, I wanted to still remember who I was, so I brought my favorite MLP, a jewel eyed plastic pony named “Sweet Stuff,” I experimented and completed many assignments for this series using “Sweet Stuff”, and later integrating other My Little Ponies.

I am still in the midst of locating and photographing the work completed for this series.