Riverwood Student Work: 1996-1999MICA Student Work: 1999-2000 UGA Student Work: 2001-2002SVA Student Work: 2002-2005
Archives: A Life of Making Art
Archive Folder Introduction: Please Note this folder is still under construction.

This archive folder contains work I completed during my attendance at Riverwood High School: 1996-1999, The Maryland Institute College of Art: 1999-2000, The University of Georgia: 2001-2002, and The School of Visual Arts: 2002-2005.

This matrix of folders might seem complex, but it’s very simple, each folder represents a body of work completed while at different learning institutions. In each folder are other folders organized by medium, content or college course. All work is appropriately dated, so the viewer will know when each piece was created. As well each creation supplies the viewer with the medium (for example: chalk pastel, oil, acrylic, etc…).

Please be advised (for younger audiences) there may be controversial subject matter, or nude figure drawing studies (which are often required when taking college courses).

The information of each piece will tell the viewer which work received honorable mentions or awards. This is a great way for younger artists to see what kind of work goes into a basic portfolio for consideration into an undergraduate programs.

The work shown does not only include the best of the best, but I decided to include unfinished sketches and drawings, to show not all successful artists make successful work.

Please Note that not all my work has been photographed and is up on this site. Some work was ruined due to a flood at my home in Georgia while I was away attending the School of Visual Arts. This made me realize how vital it is to photograph and record all work I create. For more information on this folder, please refer to the main page, with summer 2009 updates!