DriftersDrifters Detail 1
Drifters is the complete opposite of the painting "One". Jellyfish have no heart, no skeletal structure, no brain, and no direction. It is about the nomad, the traveler, the beauty of the aimless journey. So often my work tries to convey the definition of a path, a journey, and determined goal and dream. But often we feel lost, out of control, drifting along in life, and their is good in being in the in-between. The stars play a role in the effect that stars symbolize a disconnect from everything that is not of this world we call earth. Neither seem to fit in or belong to anything but the current of the water and shift of the solar system.

Many people have asked me why the jellies are floating upside down in the painting. This was completely intentional. I have mostly seen this type (cnidarians) swim downwards, as in the the reference photo I wound up using. Bottom line, Jellyfish are free swimming creatures, and very often go sideways or downward, which only increased the purpose and meaning of this particular painting. In addition, an artists should always consider the fundamentals of art, and composition plays a big role in my work.